After 4 1/2 months thought it was about time to check in with how my Mojo 3 XO1 Werx build is faring out in the wild.

Aside from running Plus tires, the biggest change for me on the Mojo 3 is the absence of Shimano components. I’ve been running Shimano on my MTB’s since 1988 – 28 years! – so it felt strange jumping ship to SRAM. The world didn’t stop turning of course. SRAM stuff works fine. It just meant buying a few new tools and spares.

Mojo 3 Plus, VitalMTB's Bike of the Day, June 22, 2016
Mojo 3 Plus, VitalMTB’s Bike of the Day, June 22, 2016

The plans is to keep running the Mojo 3 with Plus tires. Why? Because I think they are cool.

Here’s a breakdown of where things are at with my Mojo 3 build.

Frame: Medium Lookin’ super tidy with custom cable routing ala my HD3. The Mojo 3 remains silent, despite river crossings, mud etc.
Rear Shock: Fox Float DPS EVOL Coming from the DB Inline and DB Air on the HD3 I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Fox Float DPS EVOL. It just works! Way more active than the DB Air and more reliable than the DB Inline. Winning.
Fork: Rockshox Pike 140mm Loved the Pike on the HD3 the last few years, no surprise that I love it on the Mojo 3. Will probably add an extra token, as on my HD3.
Wheelset: Ibis 741 Boost The Ibis 741 ultra wide carbon wheelset are a great match for Plus tires. Ibis called it a while ago now – Wide is the new normal. Boom!
Tires: Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.8 The last few months has made me a big fan of the ride qualities of Plus tires. Having run burlier Maxxis tires on the HD3 I was concerned about the durability of the relatively lightweight Nobby Nic 2.8’s. I did get a bunch of rear flats earlier on with the Mojo 3, but a change in riding style – riding lighter on the rear – has seen the Nobby Nic’s survive all types of trail conditions over several months. Keen to try other 2.8 options down the track.
Stem: Thomson 4X 50mm Love the Syntace Megaforce 35mm stem on my HD3, but during back to back tests the 35mm stem felt too short on the Mojo 3. Pretty happy with 50mm, but might try a 40mm stem sometime.
Handlebar: Ibis Hi-Fi 760mm The Hi-Fi’s are solid. By that I mean they are a good bar, but they also tend to feel solid – as in they don’t enhance the ability to feel the bike like some carbon bars do. I’ll most likely replace the Hi-Fi’s with my Syntace Vector Hi 5. Love those bars!
Shifter: SRAM XO1 Changing cables on the XO1 shifter is more of a hassle compared to Shimano. Other than that, not much to say. The XO1 shifter unit works well.
Grips: ESI Extra Chunky Continue to LOVE these chunk-o-tastic silicone grips. Added comfort and control. Check em out!
Brakes: SRAM Guide RSC First non-Shimano MTB brakes EVER for me. Super happy with braking power and modulation of SRAM’s Guide RSC. Easy enough to bleed too, though working with DOT fluid is a hassle compared to mineral oil. The SRAM rotors are relatively flimsy compared to Shimano, and easier to damage. Overall the RSC’s are a significant performance upgrade over Shimano XT brakes.
Seatpost: KS Lev 150mm A bit of a bumpy start! After two trips back to the service center for warranty repairs the Lev is now running smoothly, apart from sticking occasionally. Many thanks to Alan at Pushie Enterprises for getting it sorted. I confess to preferring the Rockshox Reverb so will be interesting to see how the Lev experiment plays ut.
Saddle: Specialized Phenom Phenom or Henge, as long as it’s 143mm wide matched my sit bones, Specialized Body Geometry saddles are the shiz. Zero discomfort.
Bottom bracket: RaceFace Cinch Continues to run quiet and smooth despite being submerged a few times.
Cranks: RaceFace Turbine Cinch 170mm As on the HD3, happy enough with the Turbine cranks. Wish 160-165mm were available though. Shorter cranks are part of the way forward IMO.
Chainring: RaceFace Narrow/Wide 30 tooth First time I’ve run a single chainring this small. Sometimes feel 30 teeth isn’t enough i.e. spinning out too early. Most likely replace with a 32 when it needs replacing.
Pedals: Speedplay Drillium Love these flat pedals, have had the same pair of Speedplay Drilliums since 2009! They just keep on keeping on. Solid platform, great grip, rugged, and look so frickin cool. No intention to swapping back to SPD’s which is a surprise.
Chain: SRAM X1 No problems to date. Continuing to run Squirt Lube (5 years now). Not running a chain guide ATM but have dropped a chain once in the last few months. Will probably get OneUp chain guide.
Cassette: SRAM X1 10-42 Love the wide range and spread of ratios on the 11 speed SRAM cassette. Great upgrade from my old 1×10.
Rear derailleur: SRAM XO1 Not much to say. It just works. Easy to tune. The button that holds the derailleur open is pretty handy too!

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