Definitely of interest to anyone running 1x or 2x drivetrains is the cool article posted on Pinkbike about Hope’s 9-36 tooth 10 speed cassette, including a Q&A with Hope’s Neil Arnold about how it all works:

Simpler, lighter, less complicated – all the things we all want our bikes to be!

Amen! The Pinkbike article also covers the 9-36 happenings that Specialized and SRAM are working on. Read: it’s headed our way, like it or not.

I remember spending close to $100 in the mid 90’s to get a go fast TNT 11 tooth cog to replace the standard 12 tooth, at the time I thought that was revolutionary (excuse the pun), but now only 9 teeth? Nuts.

All very cool IMO as wider ratio cassettes will mean more riders get to enjoy the fun of a 1x drivetrain — less is more 😛

Hope 9-36 tooth 10 speed cassette
Hope 9-36 tooth 10 speed cassette


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