There’s a fun section of trail that heads into the bush on the edge of town, makes for a good start and end to a ride, sort of like a home trail in a ski resort. It’s not a long section of trail by any means, just a nice little roller coaster trail that runs across several gullies before heading into the bush. I guess it takes 4-5 minutes to ride heading out where it’s mainly climbing, and 1-2 minutes the other way.

A bunch of trees fell across the trail in recent storms so for the last month or so it’s been out of action. I’ve missed it for sure and the alternative track is dull in comparison.

A local who lives in a property beside the trail has been chainsawing and removing the trees in the last couple of days, for firewood I guess, so I thought I’d head out and do a little track maintenance myself. It took an hour or so to rake the length of the trail, removing wheel and derailleur busting branches, debri from the fallen trees and trash that had been washed down the trail during the storms.

Home Trail wheelie
Home Trail wheelie

It felt kinda strange, like I was removing some of the character of the trail that had built up over time but no doubt it won’t look that way for long.

I couldn’t resist and headed out later in the day with the Mojo for a few test runs… fresh trail, SWEET!

It’s great to have the home trail back in action.

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