My sense of smell is pretty crappy which is saying something considering how big my nose is, but out on yesterday’s ride even I could detect a not so subtle stench… a familiar stench of something worn over and over, saturated in sweat over and over, without many… err any washes and rarely having dried out properly. You get the picture – SWEETNESS!

Socks? Hmm didn’t think I’d worn them that many times yet, plus feet are so far away from your nose when riding, unlikely to be them. Knicks? Actually this is something I’m much better at these days. I have half a dozen or so knicks and just wear them once before washing them, how civilized! Baggies? Could be, haven’t washed them for ages. They are kinda dirty and dank, but pass the sniff test — a few more rides in them yet! Shirt? Shock horror, it’s actually a clean one. Helmet? Close to the nose and full of old sweat but not enough fabric to smell that much, surely.

Glove Stench
Glove Stench

Which only leaves the gloves. The ones that once had pure white trim that are now grossly yellowed. The ones with the nose and sweat wipe that has kinda gone from black to a weird brownish color through excessive use.  Hmm… yeah they really stink! The gloves are seriously putrid.

So the gloves went through the wash today. I threw them in with a load of bath towels, probably not the best idea come to think of it 🙂

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