A week or two ago a dry lightning strike started a bushfire out Maydena way. Ironic really, as we’ve been hanging out for drier weather for a few months and now we need some of that good old Tassie rain!

The Gell River fire has currently burnt over 20,000 hectares including stunning wilderness around Lake Rhona. The bike park and township of Maydena were briefly evacuated on a day of high risk before returning to the business of shredding as usual, thanks to favourable weather.

Standing on the summit of the park it’s a little disconcerting at how close the fire is relatively speaking. It’s still chugging along, around 20km away, one ridge away. Having lived many years in high fire danger areas of Australia you know how unpredictable bushfires can be. The outcome is lucky dip more or less.

Bottom line is I just hope the Tassie weather conspires to douse the Gell River fire ASAP, for the peace of mind of everyone in southern Tassie.

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