Just like on a bicycle, I’m interested in knowing more about my natural cadence on a unicycle. As nerdy as it sounds, sometimes knowing how the feeling of spinning translates to numbers is handy e.g. an amount of subjectivity regarding how today’s ride went is removed – were you really spinning hard or not, in the groove or all over the place? It’s all there to see in the numbers.

I purchased a Garmin GSC 10 Speed Cadence Sensor on the same USA trip as the Garmin 405 and fitted it to the KH29 which was my main XC ride at the time.

Garmin GSC10
Garmin GSC10

Garmin’s GSC 10 Speed and Cadence sensor unit is quite large. The mounting system – a rubber strip on the ‘back’ of the unit and zip ties – doesn’t stop the unit rotating around unicycle fork. There is also a longish reasonably fragile adjustable arm that comes out of the unit for the wheel/speed sensor. All up the design of the unit makes it prone to being damaged e.g. being bumped during a UPD and subsequently fed into the wheel. Due to the deep channeling in the back of KH Moment cranks, their Q factor and how the pedal/cadence magnet fits a home made spacer is needed (GSC 10 Reference Guide).

I ended up taking the GSC 10 off the 29’er last year with the intention of fitting it to the 36’er GUNI, probably with some modifications to how it mounts. I better get around to it – the data would help me monitor my progress on the GUNI.

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