I should have got out of bed super early today and ridden the North South Track before sunrise, covered in a massive dump of fresh snow. But I didn’t… ARGH! Instead had to head out after work for a snowy MTB night ride.

A stormy cold day turned into a crystal clear evening. By the time I started to climb toward The Springs after work the remaining snow had already started to freeze over and ice was forming on the road.

A random snowman sat in the middle of Pinnacle Road, with vehicle tire tracks suggesting his life had only just been spared.

Snowy MTB Night Ride, North South Track, Mt Wellington Hobart

There was snow on the upper section of the North South Track. It was super pretty but really the trick is to get out early when the snow is fresh and dry, not melted and mushy.

All up super fun, and reasonably mild compared to other recent adventures up the mountain. Maybe it was the last big dump of Winter!

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