Being a goopy chocolate flavoured caffeine sugar mix you’d reckon that GU Energy Gel Chocolate Outrage would be the ultimate food!

For a long while I always carried an emergency GU Gel or two in my Camelbak to get me home if I bonked out on a ride but I’m yet to make friends with any flavour of GU’s Energy Gel. They tend to make me feel ill at the time and always leave me with a noticeable hangover the following day, especially if I have more than one. Bummer.

I need to come up with a better solution for ride nutrition — there’s only so many bananas etc you can carry — and have been reading up on it lately. Even though I’ve never liked any of the sickly Carbo/Rehydrate powder added to my water I’m probably going to give that another go…. or just fill the Camelbak with espresso coffee and be done with it once and for all 🙂


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