Had a fun ride today, and my first riding with another unicyclist. I met up with Matt at the Castlemaine Railway Station in the morning and we headed out to Maldon on the back roads, via Muckleford and Walmer. After a coffee in Maldon we headed up Mt Tarrengower. Matt made it to the top, I piked out half way, my 137’s didn’t have the cranking power and neither did I on the day. I’ll have to return with 150’s for another attempt!

Muckleford Railway Station
Muckleford Railway Station

We returned to Castlemaine via the rail trail – good offroad fun on the 36.

My uni lesson for the day – don’t follow to close behind another unicyclist, especially when climbing off road. It can lead to UPD’s, ouch! 🙂

Tailgater's Knee
Tailgater’s Knee

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