Now that the students at Bullarto have earnt their unicycle wings the next step is getting off smooth surfaces and onto riding off road. In a perfect world it would be great to have a collection of 20″ Trials/Mountain unicycles for the students to use once they’ve outgrown the Learner unicycles but cost-wise there isn’t anything available between the 20″ Learner unicycles and the 20″ Nimbus ISIS Trials – a collection of the latter would cost a bunch, let alone KH20’s.

So I figured why not create a budget learner MUni, based on the UDC 20″ Learner unicycle but with a few upgrades – Schwalbe 2.1 Jumpin’ Jack tire, Odyssey (plastic) pedals, and an older model Nimbus Gel saddle.

Budget Beginner MUni
Budget Learner MUni

The verdict from the kids: Great upgrade! The better tire, pedal and saddles make light MUni possible and fun without breaking the bank.

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