How cool is BikInventions Squirt? It’s frickin genius! Squirt is a waxed based dry lube that ride after ride, week after week, is somehow keeping the Mojo HD’s drivetrain bizarrely clean, gunk free while purring along quietly and efficiently as a good lube should.

I had been using Rock’n’Roll Extreme but for something proclaiming to be the King of Lubes that cleans and lubes all in one I wasn’t impressed. My drivetrain that was chock full of gunk after several weeks of using it. I hadn’t read much about BikInventions Squirt but was in the market to try a new lube and happened to come across it in a bike store.

It’s hard not to be skeptical of the claims lubes make, but after several weeks of using Squirt I’m blown away by how clean the Mojo’s drivetrain is. Even after muddy rides, somehow the chain, cassette etc are still look like the day I cleaned them before the initial application of Squirt.

The Squirt scoop

Squirt is a thick milky liquid that contains a secret mix of water and several waxes. It doesn’t contain any solvents like most other lubes so it ticks the environment friendly box too. After thoroughly cleaning and drying the drivetrain, apply Squirt like any other lube. Wait for Squirt to dry (+5 minutes, you’ll know when it does as the wax sets clear) then initially it’s recommended you repeat the application. Reapply Squirt after each ride, then as time goes on less and less.

No Degreasing Required

What is different about Squirt is the state of the drive train — it always has the ‘this is my first ride after cleaning the drivetrain’ look. Seriously. Running your hand along the chain and cassette there is hardly any grime at all. Check rear derailleur pulleys where gunk loves to build up, nope. Nothing. Nadaa. Apparently the Squirt magic happens due to the grime attaching to the wax but rather than building up throughout the drivetrain instead flakes off. Running a dry brush over the chain from time to time is all that is required, I’m yet to do that.

Shifting and chain noise, very slick, Squirt does the job there no worries. Long term users of Squirt report no detrimental effects re chain wear, the opposite in fact. The cost is similar to most other lubes at around $15 for a small (120ml) bottle. One application doesn’t use much Squirt so it’s good value.

It turns out that Over the Edge Sports in Melrose, the Mojo Mothership, is the Australian distributor for Squirt and as they state:

There are 2 kinds of people. People that know about squirt and therefore use squirt, and.. people that are yet to find about squirt.

OTE also have a current listing of bike stores in Australia that stock Squirt.

Those hours spent cleaning your MTB drivetrain (tedious job!) could be spent riding. Can’t knock that!

Give Squirt a go! 🙂

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