Autumn officially starts in less than week but already we’ve had a couple of crisp days and nights. It’s been a cracker of a Summer really, relatively mild, lots of rain but much rather rain than the usual searing, dry heat and bushfire risk. Love Autumn though, typically awesome weather for being active outdoors.

Autumn is also a good time for fuel reduction burns, and warning posters have been put up around the bush to the north west of Castlemaine, it looks like there’s a fair chance of the burn going ahead. The bush in Central Vic can take ages to recover after a fire, so we could be looking at a forest of black sticks for a while to come. Bummer as the bush is in great shape ATM — after all the years of drought it’s come to life with all the rain since last Winter.

Autumn Burn Poster
Autumn Burn Poster

I decided to get out there with the GoPro HD and over the last week or so have been getting footage of the trails likely to be affected by the burn. It’s been good fun, and the footage could come in handy down the track. One thing that drives me nuts about using the GoPro is the crappy mounting system, a collection of plastic black arms bolted together. Dang that crap is frustrating to use out on the trail. You’ve really got to carry a philips head screwdriver of some sort to get them to behave.

Anyways, the mounting system is a minor detail, the camera is a cool gadget in spite of it. A few more rides and I should have collected enough footage to put something together.

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