With the run of exceptionally hot Summer weather and everything else that’s been going over the holiday period on I reckon I’ve spent more time riding during the night vs day. An average Summer night around here is 20 degrees or less – throw on some lights and it’s a great alternative to riding in the heat of the day.

Speaking of lights it’s also been a great opportunity to give the new Exposure lights I’m running these days a serious workout – 2 x 2013 Diablo 4’s on the helmet and Maxx-D on the handlebar. SWEET gear – beautifully made and hugely bright – but more on the lights another time!

One catch to Summer night rides is that it is quite late before darkness falls. It’s pretty cool though to be wheeling back through the suburbs after a night ride in the early hours of the morning 🙂

It'll be alright in the night
It’ll be alright in the night

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