I’ve been getting by wearing lightweight Mont hiking shorts over knicks for a long while now. Back in the day I just wore knicks roadie style but a few years of mountain unicycling sold me on shorts – pockets come in handy but more than that, shorts were my style. Sort of like hey I am into riding, not racing. Does it matter? Not really but you gotta be comfortable, body and mind.

The baggy Mont shorts have been great overall but they aren’t cut for cycling so sometimes snag on the seat, leaving you stranded. Not fun. Enter the Alpinestars Hyperlight Shorts:

The Alpinestars Hyperlight is a lightweight, premium short designed for maximized performance and comfort. A tailored fit is ensured by an elasticized waist adjustment supplemented with Velcro tabs for extra security.

Wearing shorts cut for cycling like theĀ  Hyperlights is a treat. For starters you don’t drop off the back of the seat wondering if you’re going to get snagged. They don’t get in the way. The pockets have zips – handy! Overall the shorts work well on the bike and you can still walk down the street in them without screaming look at me.

The fabric is heavier than the lightweight Mont hiking shorts, and a little noisier too but more durable. The Hyperlight shorts are vented but overall I’d say they are a little warmer to wear compared to the Mont’s. I was surprised to see a drawstring used around the waist but the additional elastic velcro tabs and elasticized rear panel make for a comfortable, flexible but secure fit.

Alpinestars Hyperlight MTB Shorts
Alpinestars Hyperlight MTB Shorts

If you’re in the market for a pair of cycling shorts (that don’t come with knicks AKA nappies built in) I’d recommend checking out the Hyperlights. Wish I’d got a hold of cycling specific shorts ages ago. Thanks to The Bike Vault in Castlemaine for helping the hippie out.

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