What better way to celebrate the start of Spring than a fresh ride!

Thanks to the guys at work I’ve got a new staff bike – a 2020 Turbo Levo. It’s by no means a replacement for my Ibis Ripmo which is the perfect weapon for enjoying Maydena Bike Park. Winter has been the perfect time to give the Ripmo some love, ready to go for a Summer of gravity riding!

The Levo looks after all the other duties – like my daily commute off the mountain down into Hobart and back up in the evenings, guided eMTB Tours etc. The 2020 Levo is a relatively minor update but still includes some significant changes such a switch to Lyrik forks and 700Wh batteries on all but the lowest spec’d model.

After a couple of years commuting on the 2017 650b Levo fitted with 2.8 Black Diamond Butchers I wasn’t a fan of the 29er wheels on the 2019 Levo. The 29ers are fast rollers but nowhere near burly or wide enough. I even swapped out the 29er wheels for my old 650b wheelset to do back to back comparisons. The only negative was the pedal strikes due to dropping the BB 15mm further.

2020 Specialized Turbo Levo

So my 2020 Levo is running 650b wide rims and Black Diamond Butcher 2.8 tires. To solve the pedal clearance I’m running 150mm cranks from Nimbus. A couple of rides in and they are feeling great!

It’s early days but the main mission at the moment is suspension setup. The Lyriks are a big improvement on the Yari and Revelations on early Levo’s but do need extra tokens to make the front of the bike feel good, including handling the extra weight of the larger capacity battery.

Thanks to Roll Cycles for a great staff bike!

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