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Winter Wash up

Winter 2016 is turning out to be a wet and cold one so far that’s for sure! Inevitably thoughts turn to warmer, sunnier days… like last Summer, and the Summer ahead.

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Winter Solstice

Ok so my annual Winter Solstice ride didn’t quite go to plan. I usually celebrate the solstice with a ride because it means the darkest days of Winter are over. It turned out to be a super cold and rainy day this year, so I went on an imaginary ride in the mountains instead… it was nice 🙂

Next stop, more daylight!

We have Ignition!

Heads up Aussie MTB folk! Blue Dirt Mountain Biking presents Ignition, Falls Creek November 16-20. Two days of serious MTB mischief in the mountains to kick off the 2016/17 Summer riding season including:

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27.5 Plus FTW?

I’ve been riding the Mojo3 27.5 Plus since early February. During that time I’ve also been riding my Mojo HD3, shod with the Maxxis Minion 2.5 WT and Ikon 2.35. The trails have been a mix of  XC, Gravity, DH, shuttling, pump and jump. So… do Plus tires rule or drool?

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MTB Brunch at Bright

After shuttling folk nonstop over the weekend I was definitely keen to squeeze in a ride at Bright Monday morning before heading back to Central Victoria.

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