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Electric MTB Dreams

Snow is the new Dirt

A mountain covered in fresh snow. Icy winds. Bitter cold. A new demo eBike. A Saturday afternoon. Is there even a question of what happened next?

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Winter is Now

So here’s the thing. I rode my Cranke eMTB up to the summit of Mt Wellington in the wee hours of this morning because I wanted to see the first sunrise of Winter 2019. I could have driven, except the road was closed due to black ice.

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Montezuma Falls

Montezuma Falls, located in the rainforests outside of Rosebery, is Tasmania’s highest waterfall. It also happens to be located on one of the official West Coast MTB trails!

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Sterling Valley Track

Passing through Rosebery I had to check out the Sterling Valley Track which features one especially awesome section of singletrack made famous by the Wildside MTB race.

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Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay

Bike Ride Hobart AKA Cranke, where I work, has recently added Rocky Mountain to the brands it carries in store. As part of the deal, we have a Altitude Powerplay Carbon demo bike to play on for a while.

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Sunday Funday Redux

Sunday Funday AKA the work commute dance mix has been postponed due to the cold, wet conditions… and the return of the dreaded ManFlu ARRGHHH! 

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