Tree Hugger
17 Nov 2018

Tree Hugger

Saturday in Tassie done right

17 Nov 2018

Man the trails at Maydena have gotten so dry and fast in such a short time! After having so much grip and moisture for so long – outside of wet Winter days of course – the combo of higher speeds and lower grip took some getting used to. Yeah that is code for spending quality time hugging trees and ploughing the trail a little with the side of my body haha! Luckily no injuries but man yeah… so fast and loose! Dare I say it, a bit of rain would be sweet 🙂

All up it was another awesome day, mainly spent chasing the french baguette Zeller around the park followed by a sunset BBQ on the summit with Vonnie and the park crew. Good times!

Saturday done right, Maydena Bike Park


Chasing the Baguette down Styx and Stones, Maydena Bike Park




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