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Ride Hobart

Singletrack in the stunning city of Ho-town

Return of the Big Wheel

That’s the thing about riding a single 36″ wheel on single track. It may look seriously kooky, and definitely doesn’t have the same cool factor and adrenaline rush as MTB… but it does feel great in a zen kind of way!

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Mt Wellington Snowstorm

The forecast for this morning looked especially promising for a snow adventure! Wild overnight storms followed by a brief period of clear weather around sunrise. It was enough to see me out of bed in the wee hours, rugged up and heading up the mountain on my eMTB.

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The new Dirt

A mountain covered in fresh snow. Icy winds. Bitter cold. A new demo eBike. A Saturday afternoon. Is there even a question of what happened next?

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Winter is Now

So here’s the thing. I rode my Cranke eMTB up to the summit of Mt Wellington in the wee hours of this morning because I wanted to see the first sunrise of Winter 2019. I could have driven, except the road was closed due to black ice.

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