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My attempts at moving pictures and related stuff.

Mid Summer Night Mojo

I started off wanting to make a little video about mountain biking at night, but ended up making a video about dust… turns out it’s a beautiful thing!

There’s something otherworldly about flowing solo along the trails in the middle of the night. It’s kinda like riding in your own dream.

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Spring Equinox – A little movie

Heya, here’s a little video I’ve made — it’s been a wee labor of love the last month or so. I guess it’s about the Spring wildflowers, magpies and mountain biking… or it could be about a mid 40’s guy having yet another immensely enjoyable mid life crisis.

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Hippie’s Descent

I’ve really been enjoying the Hippie Track lately — it’s a classic if short MTB loop that basically consists of one sustained climb including a couple of steeper sections, followed by one high speed single track descent dropping you back where you started. You can cruise the loop but the descent rewards commitment with a big dose of high speed, and the Mojo HD definitely encourages you to have a good crack at it.

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36 inch Unicycle on MTB Gully Singletrack

Presenting the final cut of KH36 Rollercoaster! There are quite a few changes all up, especially in the last quarter, plus an extra goodie at the end. I’ve had a lot of fun shooting and editing this and might even continue on and make it part of a longer 36’er POV movie. Hope you enjoy it.

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