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Mountain Unicycling

OK so it may look weird, but riding a unicycle off road is awesome fun.

XC GUni Bars for Sale

Three hand crafted ‘XC GUni’ (unicycle handle) bars were produced in the same batch as the two I’ve used for the last 18 months or more on both my KH36 and KH24 GUni (and KH36 GUni before that).

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Camelbak Cleaning Tabs – No More Slime

The Camelbak bladder has had a slimey feel for a while now… hmm yeah quite a long while. The  Big Bite valve has also been leaking for ages, and the ergolock/tap which gets used a lot due to the leaky bit valve falls apart regularly.  I’ve had the bits and pieces to address all of these things in the drawer for a long time too.

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Big Wheel MUni

It’s been almost 3 months since my last ride on a mountain unicycle, forgive me father!  I’ve been back on a mountain bike and loving it. Doesn’t mean I won’t be doing MUni (Mountain Unicycling) any more though.

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Blue Tongue

Not a new KH shoe accessory but a very cool Australian reptile. Like me and Didj the Blue Tongue lizard was out on the trail today catching some sun, warming up after the unusually cold weekend that saw snow fall across the Central Highlands – don’t see that very often in late Spring.

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Late Afternoon Cruise

After a wild morning including snow across the Central Highlands — in October! — and passing storms things started to settle down just in time for a late afternoon cruise on the 36’er.

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Good Gully Ms MUni

I headed back to the MTB trails in Wattle Flat, this time on the 36’er. It’s all fun single track but the section I was looking forward to most was the trail that snakes down a long gully, swooping back and forth into a dry creek bed many times. I’d ridden it on the 24 GUni and was interested to see what it would be like on the 36’er.

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