Wattle Flat 29′er
01 Jul 2010

Wattle Flat 29′er

Had a short but fun ride today on the KH29 MUni at Wattle

01 Jul 2010

Had a short but fun ride today on the KH29 MUni at Wattle Flat, a section of forest on the edge of Castlemaine. I only had time to explore a small area today, but it looks like a great playground for geared 24 MUni and larger wheel MUni – LOTS of MTB single track to explore.

After having ridden the 24 GUni since Sept/Oct last year the 29’er took some getting used to – don’t think I got into the groove at all today but still had fun.Will definitely head back with the 29’er,  24 GUni and 36’er.

Didj the uni dog came along for the ride, nice to have a riding buddy again!

Wattle Flat MUni

Wattle Flat MUni



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  1. Daniel M July 2nd, 2010 2:53AM

    nice work pete!!! it’s good to share the uni love between all the different sized wheels. i’m hoping to ride them all over the weekend, hill climb on the 26er guni tomorrow morning, 29er single track riding in the afternoon, a 36er cruise on sunday morning, then uni polo and trials on sunday afternoon. 🙂 i’m back in melbs end of september, we’ll have to ride 🙂

  2. admin July 3rd, 2010 8:29PM

    yeah Daniel, agree about riding the different size uni’s. I haven’t had as much free time since mid last year so some of the uni’s haven’t had as much use.

    I mess around on the 20″ around home, and the thing I find about the 24″ GUni is that I just enjoy riding it off road more than either the 29″ or 36″.

    My fitness is pretty average ATM, better work on it before September then! 😛