Monthly MUni Ride 02
12 Jul 2009

Monthly MUni Ride 02

It was GREAT to see so many unicyclists brave the cold and stormy

12 Jul 2009

It was GREAT to see so many unicyclists brave the cold and stormy Winter weather forecast and arrive at the Chocolate Mill meeting point for the second Monthly MUni ride.

We drove out to an area of forest called Dry Diggings which was anything but dry due to the wild weather over the last couple of days and with uni’s sorted rode along single track to Browns Gully and back.

Group pic, Monthy MUni

Monthy MUni (Thanks for the pic Robyn!)

The single track was wet and slippery but lots of fun.

Joell, Browns Gully

Joell, in Browns Gully

It was my first ride in a couple of weeks due to a crappy winter flu so the aim was to take it easy and not get too wet and cold. Amazingly and thankfully the stormy weather held off all day, until we returned to the Chocolate Mill.

Leaving Browns Gully, Monthly MUni

Leaving Browns Gully, Monthly MUni

The Chocolate Mill offered a free ultimate hot chocolate for the best UPD of the Day, claimed by Oscar although Joell’s nut buster while crossing Browns Gully on a fallen tree was a close second 🙂

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather forecast and came along for the second Monthly MUni ride, especially the families who drove up from Melbourne.

Next Monthly MUni: Sunday August 9th

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  1. Morgan July 23rd, 2009 1:43AM

    Hey that looks really fun!!!

    How many people came up from Melbourne?

    Its a pity I missed it, but Alpine School is very cool.

    Definately a lot more people this time.

  2. admin July 28th, 2009 5:59AM

    Heya Morgan, yeah was a fun day! I guess about 1/2 the group (some not in photo) came up from Melbourne.

    You might recognize these puddles from an earlier ride! 🙂

    Glad to hear Alpine School is going well!