KH Blues Brothers
24 Sep 2010

KH Blues Brothers

The last couple of rides has got me feeling the love for off

24 Sep 2010

The last couple of rides has got me feeling the love for off roading on the 36’er big time – the momentum the big wheel carries through the trail is a hoot, especially when combined with cranks a little too short to be relaxing – but the 24 GUni isn’t so keen on being replaced as the favorite ride.

Problem: Which uni to take on today’s ride? Solution? Take both 🙂

Blues Brothers, KH Mountain Unicycles

Blues Brothers, KH Mountain Unicycles

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  1. Peter G September 25th, 2010 9:28PM

    Ha Ha replace the two with a KH26″ Guni
    I love my one.
    Just finding it a lillte hard to move my foot to change gear after getting my 1st pair of 5.10 boots? the shoes stick to pedals.

  2. admin September 26th, 2010 1:12AM

    Glad you love your 26″ GUni Peter! For me 24 GUni vs 26 GUni, there are for/against with both. Neither really replace the 36’er – a virtual big wheel just ain’t the same as a real one.

    Re shoe/pedal grip, I prefer more grip then less and find in the long run it helps rather than hinders gear shifts – sort of pins down the front of your foot, maintaining rhythm while the rear of the foot makes the shift. But that’s with a crank length that suits the process i.e. foot is positioned pretty well already for shifting