ZEE Update
06 Sep 2012

ZEE Update

The ZEE derailluer looks to be a satisfactory alternative to the XTR one

06 Sep 2012

The ZEE derailluer looks to be a satisfactory alternative to the XTR one I busted a while back. It seemed to be a little more temperamental to set up but riding along it seems to shift as well as anything else. TBH in terms of overall shifting performance I think having the XTR shifter unit makes a way bigger difference vs the rear derailluer. Visually the ZEE isn’t as slick as the XTR – the machining is a bit rough and ready, and the design is chunky – but wow a short cage certainly gives you gobs of clearance compared to a long one.

ZEE Update

ZEE Update

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  1. Mark October 1st, 2012 2:13AM

    Got a Zee fitted a bout 3 weeks ago, paired up with a Saint 10 speed shifter. Really impressed with the shifting and rapid downshifting. Clutch damper has failed already though. LBS who fitted will deal with it no problem. Meantime I’ve been advised take off the Zee cover and then there is an adjustment for the tensioner inside. Maybe that might reveal what has happened, whether its’ broke or needs re-setting…

  2. slyfink October 4th, 2012 8:21AM

    Hey Pete,

    I just installed this setup on my Mojo HD last night… except with a Saint shifter. You say it’s a bit “tempermental” to set up. What do you mean by that? I ask caus’ I’m having problems. I set the chain length based on 32t righ and 36t cog, with the shock totally deflated and compressed. At that chain length, I can’t get the derailleur to take up the slack of the chain in the 11t cog… even with the b tension screw all the way in. How did you manage that? And yes, I got the “FR” version of the derailleur. At least that’s what the box says…

    any tips appreciated… and great site btw! thanks!

  3. Simon October 18th, 2012 2:00AM

    With a bit of tinkering you might be able to assemble the short cage of the Zee on the body of your XTR mech…?
    Anyway, I share your opinion about the shifter making a way bigger impact on shifting performance than the derailleur.