Zelda the Custom Titanium 36er
11 Sep 2009

Zelda the Custom Titanium 36er

Okay okay not a unicycle, but a very cool titanium 36’er, put together

11 Sep 2009

Okay okay not a unicycle, but a very cool titanium 36’er, put together by an aussie custom bike store that supports unicycling and now offers a custom titanium frame building service of whatever you design.

Ever tried to get a 36’er wheel built? Finding a wheelsmith interested in unicycles is hard enough, let alone one set up to deal with large wheels. That’s how I ended up at Kaos Custom Bikes in Melbourne back in 2008. Andrew is highly regarded in the cycling community for his quality work, including custom unicycle wheels.

Zelda, Titanium 36'er

Zelda, Titanium 36’er

As part of his new custom titanium frame service — your design, yes unicycle frames too, 6 week turn-around — Andrew has been talking about his titanium 36’er project over the last couple of months. I got to check out ‘Zelda’ the other day while collecting my 24″ Schlumpf wheel (with the see through tubeless conversion, sweet!).

Zelda was my first go on a bike in years. The 36’er is so cool. Kinda made me think if I ever got back into biking a 36’er would be da bomb!

Uni Style!

Uni Style!

As you can see, nice workmanship on Zelda’s Ti frame, as well as the custom Ti road bike. I wonder who will be the first aussie unicyclist to get their own frame design in Ti!?

Uni Style!

Uni Style!

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  1. Daniel M September 11th, 2009 7:42PM

    that’s hot!!! i need a new frame for my 29er, i might pay andrew a visit when I’m back in melbs next…

  2. admin September 12th, 2009 6:15AM

    cool Daniel!

    Mal mentioned UDC might have Ti bearing brackets that could be used as part of custom frames, so I’d guess that would help re costs (vs making your own Ti brackets).

  3. Bo September 15th, 2009 7:21PM

    That is the coolest bike I have ever seen – nice work!

  4. Nik July 3rd, 2010 5:54PM

    Yes!the coolest bike I have ever seen too – nice design and good work!