Fitting the 2014 RockShox Pike 27.5 fork on the Ibis Mojo HDR yesterday I was kinda reminded of my first suspension fork – the RockShox Mag 20. With noodle-like 25.4mm stanchions and theoretical 48mm of travel, back in 1992 it was state of the art. Compared to modern forks it didn’t really do much but with the gold magnesium lowers it wasn’t short on bling, but more than that you just knew it symbolized the start of the MTB suspension revolution.

How much has changed in 20 odd years of RockShox suspension forks? After running Fox forks for the last few years I’m about to find out with the new 27.5″ Pike.

At the time of writing 650b forks are in seriously short supply in Australia. It turned out that at distributor level across all brands there was one single 27.5″ fork left in Australia until the next wave of shipments arrive. A lonely 160mm 2014 RockShox Pike 27.5″ needed a home, and having given Rich at Over the Edge his 160mm 650b Float back I had a Mojo HDR that needed a fork.

Early previews of the Pike from SRAM’s 2014 product launch spoke highly of the fork, plus the black stanchions were a perfect match for the stealth look I had in mind for the Mojo HDR so it was a case of decision made!

2014 RockShox Pike 27.5 First Look
2014 RockShox Pike 27.5 First Look

The technology packed in the fork is seriously impressive! Check out Mountain Bike Action’s First Ride impressions of the Pike.



I’m really looking forward to getting to know the Pike. Once the rain clears and the trails dry out it’s on!

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  1. Seriously considering the Pike 26 @ 150 for my HD 140. Anxious for some more user reviews. You have your hands on a Pike and an HDR – You are living right. Will be watching for your Pike evaluation.



  2. Thanks. Hope to have a Pike review up later this week. Not much riding this last week due to wet weather and traveling back to Victoria.

  3. I’m interested in your desire to move to a longer travel fork. You raved about the performance of the HDR 650b at 130mm travel. Is this change simply due to your innate focus on product evaluation, or did you feel the desire for some extra travel? This must really change the geometry and feel of the bike as well, hey?

    I’m seriously considering buying the new HDR 650b. But due to my location (a remote corner of South Korea), I can’t even lay my eyeballs on one without actually ordering it. So I’m eagerly consuming ‘net reviews. You have been a wealth of information – thank you!

  4. @Shane don’t know TBH! Intend to look into it at some point.

    @Kristian yes currently 130mm rear, 160mm front. The fork choice was limited to that one at the time I needed a 650b fork, and I’d already ran a borrowed 160mm fork and had a lot of fun with that. It actually feels great on the trail, though I might reconsider/explore other options when more 650b forks are readily available down the track sometime.

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