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Ibis Mojo HD3

Call it All Mountain. Call it Enduro. I just call it Kick Ass.

Frying Pan Spur

Love being out on Frying Pan Spur, especially late in the day.

I made a ghetto Gopro aerial mount out of PVC tubing the other day and took it for a test drive out on the spur just before sunset. Amazingly the gizmo didn’t fall apart, and also managed to produce a few OK pics too!

DIY Aerial Gopro mount

Alpine Sun Halo

Awesome sun halo over Falls Creek today! Luckily I was able to get out for a mid afternoon shuttle run down High Voltage and ride under this cool thing 🙂

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Falls Creek MTB Trails

Tell ya this has been way too many years in the making! Not just the MTB trail network at Falls Creek but me finally getting back to the Bogong High Plains. Like many things in life it’s come close in the past only to fall apart at the last minute, but this Summer it is ON!

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