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Ibis Mojo HD

Kung Fu on wheels.

Night Shade

After a bunch of cold, grey rainy days finally a starry night and dry trails for the most part too – all up a great oppo for a night ride. I took the camera and mini tripod along and took a snap of one of my favorite trees along the way.

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Bush Pig

Generally I don’t set out to ride in the rain or on muddy trails. It’s not really about wrecking the local trails as for the most part they are insanely robust and as close to mud free as you can get. It’s more to do with trashing the bike unnecessarily – why not save yourself the cost and hassle and do something else until the weather clears? That’s the theory anyway.

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Mt Lofty, Redesdale

It’s been a while since I’ve ridden at Mt Lofty, Redesdale which is a bit slack TBH. It’s only 30 or so kilometres from Castlemaine but we’re kinda spoilt with local trails at our doorstep. Riding new or at least less familiar trails is great fun though so with a round of the InterWinter series held at Redesdale over the weekend and a few days of wet weather coming up it was a good opportunity to sneak in a visit to Mt Lofty.

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Brain Freeze

Have been loving the night rides this Winter. For the most part I’ve got the clothing pretty well sorted, enough to keep warm riding in 0-10 degrees celcius without overheating. A thermal base layer, a super light merino wool short sleeve shirt, a long sleeved merino pullover and a wind shell works out to be just right. Knicks and riding shorts too of course, and wool socks.

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Dream Machine

At least once in your life you’ve gotta own and ride a bike you love to bits. 18 months on with the Mojo HD… it’s a dream machine. Thanks for all the great rides old buddy!

Trail Fairies

If you’re out in the woods on dusk and are berry berry quiet you might catch a glimpse of the trail fairies sprinkling their magic single track dust… or… you might just get distracted, eat it into a tree and be found unconscious and frozen in the morning 🙂

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Late Autumn Rides

No shortage of fun riding this Autumn, and fresh trails to ride too! Central Victoria finally received some good soaking rain in the last week so the dry and dusty trails are back to being in prime condition, and the powdery goop on the newer trails has started to settle.

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