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Ibis Mojo 3

27.5 Plus just got sexy.

Australia Day Tassie Style

There’s a LOT of great old school single track on Mt Wellington, falling between the North South Track and South Hobart. Rocky, rooted, eroded, fall line fun. Love it!

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Way of the Fish

So what’s your favorite trail? For a long while I didn’t have a favorite trail at Derby. It tended to depend on trail conditions and whatever mood I was in at the time. 

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Under the Milky Way Tonight

There’s a rickety old swing bridge that hangs over the spillway of the Cascade Dam. It’s fenced off in a half arsed Tassie kind of way – Do Not Enter – but really it’s a case of do as you please.

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The Big Fiddy

Well it seems there’s no escaping getting older hey! Turning 50 isn’t really here nor there but I guess it’s a cool number. 

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