Whitewater Wall
07 Apr 2019

Whitewater Wall

Climbing Freycinet’s classic Apline

07 Apr 2019

What a picture perfect Autumn weekend in Freycinet! After paddling on Moulting Lagoon yesterday arvo, we camped at River and Rocks before heading out to Whitewater Wall to climb Apline in the morning. It’s a relatively easy but classic two pitch climb that follows an aplite dyke as it traverses the face of the cliff. The rock scramble down to the start of the climb just above sea level is fun in itself. Add in waves crashing right behind you and there’s no shortage of nature’s vibe!

Von lead the climb and added to the fun by placing a minimal amount of gear. Great day,even if I did drop a piece of gear (which we found luckily)!

Apline, Whitewater Wall Freycinet



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