Disappearing Tarn
27 Jun 2020

Disappearing Tarn

No water, no life. No blue, no green.

27 Jun 2020

It was great to see so many Taswegians making the pilgrimage through rocks and mud to witness the phenomena of the Disappearing Tarn.

The Disappearing Tarn is a stunning temporary azure waterhole that forms in scree fields part way down the slopes of kunanyi/Mt Wellington. The thing is it only appears once every few years, when weather conditions are just right (heavy rain from the east over several days), and in a matter of days drains away.

Add in post COVID isolation and extensive media coverage of the tarn, and hundreds of locals per day have been seizing the opportunity to re-connect to Tassie’s awesome natural wonders.

Not everyone thinks it’s a good thing so many people are visiting the tarn. I think it’s awesome!

The Disappearing Tarn, kunanyi/Mt Wellington, Tasmania
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