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Nevis Bungy

The bungy at Nevis has been on my bucket list for way too many years, from before my hair was grey and that’s a while ago…! Ever since seeing media coverage of Nevis ~15 years ago it’s been something I’ve really, really wanted to experience for myself.

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Nevis Catapult

The Nevis Catapult is like a menacing child flinging little human toys attached to a giant rubber band across the canyon , all the while grinning an evil grin! Sounds good yeah?!

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Nevis Swing

The Nevis Swing was definitely a rush, especially the initial drop and arc down toward the valley below, but today was all about the bungy!

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We had a GREAT week in Rotorua as part of the Roll Cycles 2019 NZ Trip, taking in the Redwoods, Skyline Rotorua and Rainbow Mountain.

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Wild Mersey

I’ve been wanting to check out the Wild Mersey mountain bike trails since the first stage opened some time ago.

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Return to Maydena

OK so it wasn’t exactly a Summer forecast, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I had a day off and I was heading to Maydena no matter what!

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