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Marriotts Falls

Had a chilled weekend off the bike out Maydena way, spending the night at a farmstay near Fentonbury along with checking out Marriotts Falls. Such a pretty part of Tassie!

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Just kunanyi and me

There’s a bit of a thing going on with the road up to the summit of Mt Wellington. In Winter it’s closed more often than not at night for a whole variety of reasons AKA public liability. 

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Lenticular Clouds

It’s always a pretty drive back from Maydena to Hobart at the end of the day. Hills and mountains on one side of the road, the Derwent River on the other.

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Peak Hour

I’ve had my eye on a grassy hill just off the side of the highway figuring it might be a cool spot for a pic looking back towards the Tasman Bridge.

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