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Mt Field West

You can’t miss the jagged peak of Mt Field West every time you ride at Maydena. At 1434m it towers over the bike park from other side of the Florentine Valley and is often capped in snow, even during Summer. I’d always wondered what it would be like to hike to the top of it!

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Cape Bruny Lighthouse

Von and I headed down to Bruny Island on a stellar Autumn day for a casual little explore, mainly to check out the lighthouse on Cape Bruny. Great spot!

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All Time Prime!

It’s been close to 6 weeks since I’ve been to Maydena Bike Park, and while for sure we’ve been enjoying a bunch of other awesome outdoor adventures not much matches the intensity of hanging it all out there at MBP on the Ripmo! 

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Packrafting the Arthur River

Arthur River wends its way through the Tarkine (takayna), an area of World Heritage significance located in the North-West corner of Tasmania Australia. The Tarkine contains remarkable natural and cultural values, including being the world’s second largest remaining tract of temperate rainforest. Ironically it also remains Tasmania’s largest unprotected wilderness.

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