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Pygmy Possum (Burramys Parvus)

The World Trail crew were super fortunate to be invited along on Mt Buller’s Pygmy Possum monitoring program.

Until relatively recently the Pygmy Possum (Burramys Parvus) was thought to be extinct. It turned out however that small communities were surviving in various alpine locations. The guys at Mt Buller estimate the Pygmy Possum population within the resort area to be currently (only!) ~70 and have an extensive management plan in place to protect these resourceful little critters and their environment.

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Total Fire Ban Rides

Summer weather is full force with Victoria enduring a week long heatwave with maximum temperatures pinned at 40+ degrees.

It’s pretty tough trail building down in the valley in that kind of heat. Relief comes in the form of Total Fire Ban days, during which construction work must cease. There have been a couple of Total Fire Ban days this week so it’s been a good opportunity to get out and ride.

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Chainsaws and Quad Bikes

I’ll give you a tip. Commercial trail building is a genuinely tough but awesome gig. It soon sorts out whether you really love the process of trail building or not.

Me? I love the ritual, the discomfort,  the weather, the giant trees, the giant insects, the daily adventures, the satisfaction in each and every meter.

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Back to Buller

After a couple of weeks off over Christmas it was time to head back to Mt Buller, to resume work on the resort’s new EPIC trail.

Summer weather has well and truly kicked in over the holidays – I don’t think we’ll be riding in the snow again any time soon. Luckily though the elevation takes the edge off the heat and there’s always the Delatite River to splash around in when working lower down.

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2013 Highlights

2013 marked 25 years of mountain biking for me. Not that numbers mean anything when it comes down to it, but I remember thinking at the start of the year it would be cool to celebrate the occasion somehow. 2013 turned out to be a genuinely epic year of MTB!

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Epic Work & Play

From snow to bushfires it’s been several weeks of EPIC work and play at Mt Buller. Epic adventures, epic trail construction, epic wilderness scenery, epic flies!

With the World Trail crew bumping out of Buller for the Christmas break here’s a quick smartphone recap of what went on.

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This is why I ride

A while back Sacred Rides asked mountain bikers around the world a simple question: Why do you ride? The answers were put together to create what I think was a fairly inspiring video.

I’ve never really been able to put why I ride into words but living and working up at Mt Buller over Summer is definitely tapping into the core of it. It’s reminded me that the heart of mountain biking really does lie in the mountains. The huge feelings of space and freedom, the views, the brutal climbs, the never ending descents plus a whole lot more.

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