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Road Trippin

Sometimes you’ve just gotta get the hell outta town and go for a drive down the coast… with ACDC pumping through the sound system! 🙂

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Under the Milky Way Tonight

There’s a rickety old swing bridge that hangs over the spillway of the Cascade Dam. It’s fenced off in a half arsed Tassie kind of way – Do Not Enter – but really it’s a case of do as you please.

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The Big Fiddy

Well it seems there’s no escaping getting older hey! Turning 50 isn’t really here nor there but I guess it’s a cool number. 

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Mt Barrow

Mt Barrow is an awesome mountain just off to the side of the A3 highway that runs between Launceston and Derby.

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Kate Reed Reserve

I had a brief spin on the Trevallyn trails in Launceston the other week, really have to get back there to have a better look around. This week though took the Mojo 3 into town and checked out Kate Reed Reserve.

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Mt Cameron

I’ve been eyeing off Mt Cameron for a while now, as it sits on the horizon of each trip across to Weldborough and the Blue Tier.

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