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Being a volunteer patroller at a gravity bike park isn’t always fun – busted riders aren’t pretty – but it does come with the occasional fringe benefit or two… like buggy shuttles WHOOT!

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Autumn Inversions

Driving out through the early morning Autumn fog to Maydena you just know there’s a good chance the top of the mountain will be sitting above the fog and cloud – it’s the season for inversions!

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Climbing Trail Laps

While just about everyone rides the shuttle to the top of the mountain at Maydena, there is a climbing trail that currently takes you ~1/4 or so the way up the mountain

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Hero Dirt & T-Shirts

It might have been snowing little more than a week ago, but the last couple of days at Maydena Bike Park have been #offtheshow as Taswegians would say.

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