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Over the Edge at Melrose

It’s just about time to say goodbye to Melrose again and head back to Central Victoria. It’s been a great few weeks – sweet trails set in a spectacular Oz landscape, a cool new bike from Ibis to roll on, and an epic Fat Tyre Festival. But the heart of this MTB wonderland are the welcoming folk that call this little town nestled at the foot of Mt Remarkable their home.

Rich and Kerri at Over the Edge, what can I say… you guys rock! Afro mechanic Dave, thanks for all your help! And as for Troy the Minister of Awesome… dude that was crazy fun 🙂

Until next time Melrose, rubber side down!

Hellrose Melrose

It’s about a 12 hour drive to Melrose from Central Victoria but you forget all of that in the final few kilometers as the road swings directly toward the side of Mt Remarkable. Driving fatigue is replaced with a serious hankering to get on the MTB and hit the trails ASAP. So that’s what I did. A quick run down Dodging Bullets and the Northern Mini Super D got the eyes open and blood pumping in no time.

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A Day in the Life of Melrose

Last August I was fortunate to spend a couple of weeks in Melrose South Australia. If you’ve been a good mountain biker I reckon you go to Melrose when you die, to spend eternity riding the flowing trails on the side of Mt Remarkable. The problem with this is that if you’ve been an asshole mountain biker you might never get there, so clearly it’s best to hedge your bets and get to Melrose while you’re alive 🙂

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Eurovision, Bartagunyah Trails

Melrose has no shortage of sweet hand made single track but for locals and visitors alike it’s always fun to have somewhere new/different to ride. Rich and Al from Over the Edge have long been working on a plan to add a new gravity/flow run to Bartagunyah trails, a 2000+ acre rolling property on the edge of town which Al’s family own and is already home to the Whiskey Trail. Pretty cool when you think about – a huge property chock full of great MTB terrain owned by folk into biking and located just on the edge of town!

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Weaving Camels Trail Melrose

Ever wonder where trail fairies come from? There’s a good chance they’re spawned along Weaving Camels, a magical little MTB trail at Melrose, South Australia. With its lush green carpet, giant gums and babbling brook it’s straight out of a story book. The trail weaves its way through stands of River Red Gums (Camaldulensis) hence its name I guess!

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Kiss the Sky

It’s been a great couple of weeks in Melrose, South Australia. The trails and the setting alone make Melrose a bucket list destination for mountain bikers, but much more than that getting to know the folk that call this little town at the base of Mt Remarkable their home, and seeing the central role bikes play in the community has been a terrific experience.

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Back Country Adventure

Special Melrose treat today – headed out into the back country with Rich from Over the Edge. Great MTB adventure including one of the most fun sustained non MTB trail descents I’ve ridden in a long while that included all the good stuff – risk, speed and difficulty, including big consequences if you have an off. It reminded me of MTB riding in the Victorian High Country in the late 80’s/early 90’s – wild and woolly – before there were MTB specific trails. Look forward to doing that descent again one day without the +10kg of camera junk in my backpack!

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Melrose 45th Birthday Bash

Being in Melrose, South Australia for a couple of weeks over your 45th birthday… that’s one insanely cool prezzie I reckon!  The birthday plan: Sun up to sun down MTB love fest 🙂

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