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Ride Melrose

It’s justice. It’s law. It’s the vibe!

6/18 Hours of Melrose

I’ll be straight with ya – I’ve never really understood what motivates people to race around and around in circles on bikes, in any event, but especially in those longer 12-24 hour endurance events.

After spending the weekend at the 6/18 Hours of Melrose I finally might have some answers but I’m kinda thinking they may well be specific to Melrose. You see… with chainsaw wielding madmen stalking riders in the middle of the night and sections of the course sporadically set on fire, the 18 Hours of Melrose is loose – seriously loose – and that is what makes it a blast! 🙂

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Back to Uni

When I told my grandmother years ago that I’d go back to Uni one day I don’t think this is what either of us had in mind!

I’ve got to admit that while I absolutely _love_ mountain biking to bits I have missed being out in the bush on a mountain unicycle from time to time. It’s a unique feeling – excuse the pun.

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Melrose Nightlife

I headed out for an evening ride on Dodging Bullets the other day and lucked a rising full moon over the Willochra Plains, which were also sprinkled with tractor lights as farmers worked 24/7 to get their crops planted. Pretty awesome sight I have to say!

2013 Highlights

2013 marked 25 years of mountain biking for me. Not that numbers mean anything when it comes down to it, but I remember thinking at the start of the year it would be cool to celebrate the occasion somehow. 2013 turned out to be a genuinely epic year of MTB!

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Ibis Mojo HDR Introduction

In May 2013 I was super fortunate to be involved in the release of the Ibis Mojo HDR. The Mojo HDR Introduction video was shot over a couple of weeks in Melrose South Australia. Both the guys at Ibis and I were concerned about someone noticing the HDR and posting photos of the bike online before it was officially released. The solution was to place black tape over the ‘R”s on the top tube and rear triangle. Not super stealth by any means but thankfully it did the job 🙂

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