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Ride Bright

Mystic turns it on

What a cracker of weekend on Mystic Hill! After a week of wintry rain and snow in North East Victoria, Blue Dirt shuttle riders enjoyed two bluebird days, prime trail conditions and… dropping in… to cloud!

Yeah definitely pays to get out of bed early and be on the first shuttle of the day 🙂

Mystic MTB Park Bright

With my Mojo 3 in the workshop getting its faulty KS Lev repaired, it was a great opportunity to dust off the HD3 and head for Mystic MTB Park, located in a pine plantation just outside of the town center of Bright.

With limited time on the first visit I rode lower (and easier) trails including Grevid’s Way, Gorilla Warfare, Caros Track, Twisties and the Pump Track. Though riding in pine plantations isn’t my favorite thing  – much prefer being in native Australian bush – it was good fun to be rolling around on unfamiliar trail.

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