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Mt McKay Timelapse

Had an awesome (and cold) evening out on Frying Pan Spur watching clouds skim across the Bogong High Plains before flowing down into the Kiewa Valley below.

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6/18 Hours of Melrose

I’ll be straight with ya – I’ve never really understood what motivates people to race around and around in circles on bikes, in any event, but especially in those longer 12-24 hour endurance events.

After spending the weekend at the 6/18 Hours of Melrose I finally might have some answers but I’m kinda thinking they may well be specific to Melrose. You see… with chainsaw wielding madmen stalking riders in the middle of the night and sections of the course sporadically set on fire, the 18 Hours of Melrose is loose – seriously loose – and that is what makes it a blast! 🙂

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Ibis Mojo HDR Introduction

In May 2013 I was super fortunate to be involved in the release of the Ibis Mojo HDR. The Mojo HDR Introduction video was shot over a couple of weeks in Melrose South Australia. Both the guys at Ibis and I were concerned about someone noticing the HDR and posting photos of the bike online before it was officially released. The solution was to place black tape over the ‘R”s on the top tube and rear triangle. Not super stealth by any means but thankfully it did the job 🙂

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A Day in the Life of Melrose

Last August I was fortunate to spend a couple of weeks in Melrose South Australia. If you’ve been a good mountain biker I reckon you go to Melrose when you die, to spend eternity riding the flowing trails on the side of Mt Remarkable. The problem with this is that if you’ve been an asshole mountain biker you might never get there, so clearly it’s best to hedge your bets and get to Melrose while you’re alive 🙂

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Mid Summer Night Mojo

I started off wanting to make a little video about mountain biking at night, but ended up making a video about dust… turns out it’s a beautiful thing!

There’s something otherworldly about flowing solo along the trails in the middle of the night. It’s kinda like riding in your own dream.

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