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Three Peaks

It’s a little ironic that my final weekend at Falls Creek would see the resort overrun by lycra bandits, with hardly a mountain biker in sight!

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Power to Weight

There’s not much that isn’t sweet about a snowmobile’s power to weight ration. Gas it it up and it wants to rip your arms off. Perfect!

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Happy New Year

Well that’s it for 2015. It’s been another interesting year that’s for sure. I’m still alive, functional and in the bigger scheme of things, living a super blessed life, so no complaints here!

I saw out the end of the year on a rocky outcrop down on the western side of Mt McKay. Pretty cool spot, and I was also stoked to learn I can just yell at my phone to take a photo when it’s sitting off in the distance. Technology can be cool sometimes. Happy 2016 peeps!

Different kinda Ride

My oldest daughter and I have been talking about riding the Slingshot together for ages. Problem is the nearest one is ~1800km away! As luck would have it though a recent family reunion in Queensland meant this was one ride we just had to take!

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2m 6s longer

Have been taking a beating this last week with the flu that is going around, a few more days to go I reckon before it’s out of the system. Lots of flu around this Winter, I’m really looking forward to Spring.  Quite a bit of rain and cold the last week so in some ways not a bad time to be sick I guess but now that the weather has fined up I’m itching to get back out on the bike.

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Ride to Eat

Historic day! After clearing the MTB track at Bress of signage, bunting etc I stopped at the Harcourt BP service station for a munchie reward and had one of the best steak sandwiches EVER.

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Snow Biking

There have been some good snow falls the last day or two thanks to a serious cold front that’s passing over Victoria. I half thought there might even be snow on the Central Highlands early this morning, but not to be, not yet this year anyway.

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