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Craigs Hut Overnight

There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around
That the colt from old Regret had got away…

Visiting Craigs Hut has been on my To Do list while living and working at Mt Buller this Summer. The hut was built in 1983 for The Man from Snowy River movie, a classic Australian drama based on the Banjo Paterson poem of the same name. It’s a poem I’m very familiar with, mainly thanks to my Dad who would often break into a recitation of the opening verses when we were kids.

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Total Fire Ban Rides

Summer weather is full force with Victoria enduring a week long heatwave with maximum temperatures pinned at 40+ degrees.

It’s pretty tough trail building down in the valley in that kind of heat. Relief comes in the form of Total Fire Ban days, during which construction work must cease. There have been a couple of Total Fire Ban days this week so it’s been a good opportunity to get out and ride.

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Pump Track

A very cool modular pump track has been installed just down the path from where the trail crew is living at Mt Buller. Apparently it’s the first of its type in Australia, cool.

I’m still on my pump track L plates but I had to head down and check it out one evening after work. The track itself is quite narrow and the surface is super grippy – a fun and fast combo.

Check out the groovy light trails my Exposure Lights painted. I’m looking forward to messing around on the pump track some more.

2013 Highlights

2013 marked 25 years of mountain biking for me. Not that numbers mean anything when it comes down to it, but I remember thinking at the start of the year it would be cool to celebrate the occasion somehow. 2013 turned out to be a genuinely epic year of MTB!

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This is why I ride

A while back Sacred Rides asked mountain bikers around the world a simple question: Why do you ride? The answers were put together to create what I think was a fairly inspiring video.

I’ve never really been able to put why I ride into words but living and working up at Mt Buller over Summer is definitely tapping into the core of it. It’s reminded me that the heart of mountain biking really does lie in the mountains. The huge feelings of space and freedom, the views, the brutal climbs, the never ending descents plus a whole lot more.

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West Ridge

Time to finally tick off some of the wicked back country adventures the crew had been cooking up. First up Buller’s West Ridge!

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Buller Wide

It’s been an awesome first week at Mt Buller. Here are a few panoramic images of the cold front that brought Summer snow to the mountains!

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