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Not the Grand Canyon Fun

I started messing around with a trail down a little eroded gully (dubbed ‘Not the Grand Canyon‘) about three weeks ago. There’s still work to be done but it’s at the stage where it’s good fun to ride in both directions and is connected into the Woodbrook loop. If you ride out that way my tip is to drop into the canyon as fast as you’re game to – just line it up beforehand the first time!

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Heavy Grey Clouds

You could almost feel the weight of the heavy grey clouds as a chunky weather front slowly moved across Central Victoria last night. It might have been still, warm & humid ahead of the change but for whatever reason it ended up being awesome conditions for a night ride.

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2013 Mont 24 Hour

What an adventure into the unknown the 2013 Mont 24 Hour turned out to be. While I’d heard of ‘the Mont 24’, not being into the competitive XC MTB scene I had no idea how huge it was. I was expecting maybe a few hundred riders tops, not over 3,000 riders plus family and friends camping on the edge of the East Kowen Forest… funny!!! I guess for me that was really the story of the Mont – experiencing and enjoying a large scale MTB event.

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Purdy Thang

The hot Summer rolls on for most parts of Australia. It’s super dry and dusty out in the bush that’s for sure. Some rain would be handy. Still, the heat is a good incentive to wheel the Mojo HD out for a spin at night.

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It’ll be alright in the night

With the run of exceptionally hot Summer weather and everything else that’s been going over the holiday period on I reckon I’ve spent more time riding during the night vs day. An average Summer night around here is 20 degrees or less – throw on some lights and it’s a great alternative to riding in the heat of the day.

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Back Country Adventure

Special Melrose treat today – headed out into the back country with Rich from Over the Edge. Great MTB adventure including one of the most fun sustained non MTB trail descents I’ve ridden in a long while that included all the good stuff – risk, speed and difficulty, including big consequences if you have an off. It reminded me of MTB riding in the Victorian High Country in the late 80’s/early 90’s – wild and woolly – before there were MTB specific trails. Look forward to doing that descent again one day without the +10kg of camera junk in my backpack!

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Rainy Daze

No shortage of cold, grey, rainy days this Winter. When the sun peeps through you’ve gotta get out there and soak in the warm rays.

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Night Shade

After a bunch of cold, grey rainy days finally a starry night and dry trails for the most part too – all up a great oppo for a night ride. I took the camera and mini tripod along and took a snap of one of my favorite trees along the way.

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