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27.5 Plus just got sexy.


It’s been a super busy first few days of work at Vertigo MTB in Derby, Tasmania. It felt great to finally get out onto the trail!

Hero Trail, Bright

Lots of things to get done before leaving North East Victoria. Towards the top of the list was an afternoon shuttle session on Bright’s Hero Trail.

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Starry starry night

It’s been an incredible Summer at Falls Creek, and a great ride with Blue Dirt but the time has come for letting go, and embarking on new adventures.

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Goat Track

It’s got a few names but the Goat Track AKA drain, walking trail, deep rut etc is good fun, and a great contrast to newer trails in the park.

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Sugar Hit

Scored a day off work and headed straight for Flowtown. The warp speed of Flowtown always leaves you with a big dumb ass grin on your face. It’s like MTB candy floss crack! 

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